About the lessons

I teach guitar to learners and improvers in both electric and acoustic guitar. I can also provide a good grounding in mandolin.

I am a confident and lively guitar tutor, and my aim is to instil enthusiasm for the instrument and the will to improve in my students. I have a calm and  positive manner which puts children and adults at their ease and creates the best environment for learning.

I don’t have a rigid exam-based teaching method. The lessons are customised for each student, with the aim being to include your own musical interests as much as possible. Even learning how to strum the basic chords can deliver lifelong enjoyment on an instrument that is easy to get started on, but that can be constantly taken to a higher level. Motivation is the key and the best way to create that is to make the learning process specific to your tastes and interests. While the focus is on fun I constantly integrate the learning of technique and theory when appropriate.

I can teach you or your child in the comfort of your home (within a 5-mile radius of Reigate) or, if you prefer, you can visit my house.

The introductory lesson is free, with no obligation to proceed.


£18.00 an hour at any location.

£10.00 per half hour, only at my home.

Call me on 07952 431906, or email –

Bob Hamilton

Fully DBS checked
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Bob was a fantastic guitar teacher. He used a student-led approach for me which was perfect as I really wanted to get straight into playing songs and learning the basics as I went along. Due to this, I was able to play the songs I wanted to learn from all the artists I loved, and I progressed very quickly. Our sessions were fun and I learnt so much. Highly recommend – thank you Bob!

Ellen, Reigate

When I first picked up a guitar and started to teach myself to play from a book it was clear that though I could learn the chords, a book couldn’t tell me where I was going wrong (or right!) and I plateaued very quickly. Bob soon corrected errors in technique and raised my game beyond my expectations. With his gentle and warm style, he came armed each lesson with the music for songs I’d asked for the week before, and I impressed myself with how much progression I made. I’d recommend Bob to anyone of any playing ability as a great teacher with an ear and passion for music.

Martin, Redhill

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